Living with Flash

This month, we have been using superheroes as our modern parables in the hope that we might uncover our own superpowers and become the superhero of God’s dreams. I’ll admit that I didn’t know much about some of the superheroes we’ve talked about, until today’s. Somehow, my household became a bit obsessed with the television series “The Flash,” which premiered five years ago.

That may be because Grant Gustin, the actor playing Barry Allen, aka the Flash, is cute and looks good in his red suit, but I think what has held my attention is the Flash is a superhero who struggles with the limits and consequences of his power. As the “fastest man alive,” he has to work not to outrun the foundational values of his life.

Family is one of those values, and the beautiful thing about this series is family isn’t about only blood relations. Barry was raised by an African American police officer, and his team of misfits at Star Labs all become his family, in the best sense of that word.