Becoming a Fundamentalist

This week, I started writing what will be my 14th book. That impresses some people, but it just means that I have lots of opinions and like to share them. The working title is Confessions of a Pious Agnostic: A Memoir of Recovering from Fundamentalism.

The trouble is, because it is a memoir, I don’t know how it turns out, which pretty much describes the state we all are in. We barely know who we are, let alone who we are becoming.

The great good news is that we may have more control over who we become than we did over who we are. This writing project is forcing me to reflect on my growing up as a small-town, Southern fundamentalist, in a context in which that was, and to some extent still is, normative. We didn’t consider ourselves fundamentalists; we simply thought we were committed Christians. There was no point of comparison.