Board of Stewards & Standing Committees

Committee work is essential to our members and the growth of Broadway United Church of Christ. We encourage members to follow their interests and use their knowledge, as well as to learn on the job. When you take a seat at one of our committee meetings, you are choosing to build our community. Broadway United Church of Christ is blessed to have many hard working members who fill our Board of Stewards and various Standing Committees. They, like the staff, are working to better God’s people through prayerful devotion and dedicated ministry.

Board of Stewards

The Board of Stewards is the main governing body of the church. The nine member Board has administrative, financial and diaconal responsibilities.  Classes of three persons are elected every year by the congregation for a three year term. No one may serve more than two consecutive terms. The Board of Stewards meets monthly, and copies of the minutes are provided to members of the congregation. 

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, chaired by the President of the Board of Stewards, consists of the officers of the Board President, Vice-president, Clerk and Treasurer. The Committee acts as an Interim overseer of the work of the Church between Board meetings, carrying out the policies of the full Board. All actions taken by the Executive Committee between Board meetings must be reviewed and are subject to ratification by the Board at its next meeting. The Executive Committee also acts as the staff personnel committee of the Church, setting goals with all staff members and carrying out regular evaluations of their work, and recommending actions on personnel matters, including salaries, to the Board.


Mission Committee

The Mission Committee is responsible for the following functions of the Church: priorities and program activities for mission, grants, denominational relations and ecumenical relations and programs. Two Stewards serve on the Mission Committee; one serves as its Chair.

Nurture Committee

The Nurture Committee is responsible for the following functions of the Church: education, outreach, for new members, fellowship, ministry to the congregation, and stewardship. Three Stewards serve on the Nurture Committee one serves as Chair.

Trust Committee

The Trust Committee is responsible for the following functions of the Church: investments, property management, mission-connected loans, and other financial matters which may fall within its purview. Two Stewards serve on the Trust Committee: one serves as the Chair, and the other serves as the Treasurer of the Church. Each year the Board of Stewards determines the number of non-Steward members to be invited to join the Trust Committee.

Worship Committee

The Worship Committee is be responsible for the following functions of the Church: Communion, order of worship, music and pulpit supply. Two Stewards serve on the Worship Committee; one serve as Chair.


  • The In-Care Committee - The In-Care Committee works with church members who are potential candidates for ordination in the United Church of Christ.
  • Martha Memorial Scholarship Committee - The Martha Memorial Scholarship Committee grants small scholarships for undergraduate education. Members of the church are strongly encouraged to apply. Friends of the church will be considered as well.
  • The Richard Adams Deacon's Fund - Named in memory of former deacon and long-time church member Richard Adams, this fund provides short-term loans for emergency aid for the members of the congregation.