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Renegade and Prophet: Martin Luther's Reformation

Join historian and BUCC member Richard R. John for a five-week first-hour class on the life, legacy, and continuing relevance of the great sixteenth-century Protestant reformer Martin Luther.  2017 was the five-hundredth anniversary of Luther’s epochal critique of religious authority (symbolized by Luther’s nailing of a controversial broadside to a church door in Wittenberg).  Our class will focus on two recent trade-press books about Luther, as well as several of of Luther’s own (readable and short) pamphlets. The books are Lyndal Roper’s Martin Luther: Renegade and Prophet (2016) and Andrew Pettegree’s’s Brand Luther (2015). The schedule is as follows:

4 February: Who was Luther? (Roper, chaps. 1-7)

11 February: The Peasants War (Roper, chaps. 8-13)

18 February: Luther’s Demons (Roper, chaps. 14-19)

25 February: Brand Luther (Pettegree, chaps. 1-6)

4 March: Building the Church (Pettegree, chaps. 7-12)

The church will purchase a limited number of books for participants.  For details, contact Tessa McBrayer ( or Richard R. John (

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