(Please note our new location: 263 West 86th Street, between Broadway and West End Avenue.)

“No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, YOU’RE WELCOME HERE!”

At Broadway, that is not just a tag line. We really mean it. And we invite you to come and experience it for yourself any Sunday at 5:00 pm.

Broadway is one of New York City’s historic churches, on the cutting edge of social justice and witness since 1840. We believe that a living faith in Jesus Christ demands an engagement with the world. In the past, this has meant things like a national leadership role in the pre-Civil War Abolition Movement, active engagement in the struggle for women’s suffrage and the ordination of women, and lively involvement in the Civil Rights movement. We are proud of our history, but not chained to it. Our faith calls us ever forward.

Today, God’s Spirit calls us to work for the rights and dignity of all people, believing that God’s image is reflected in human variety. One of the ways we express this belief is that since 1991 we have been an Open and Affirming Parish, welcoming gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons into full participation, leadership and ministry in the congregation. Broadway Church is a lively, loving and growing community. And there is a place here for you!

Featured Events

Spirit Walk - Sunday, Jan 28 at 6:30 PM

Spirit Walk is BUCC's monthly opportunity to reflect, breathe, and deepen one's understanding of the spirit moving in and around us. After Worship, our seminary intern Sam Kinsman will be taking participants through Riverside Park for about an hour on a walk that is part guided meditation, part quiet reflection. With spoken word and song, with togetherness and silence, this is a time to put our burdens down and meditate through movement.

Renegade and Prophet: Martin Luther's Reformation - SUndaY, Feb 4 at 3:30 PM

Join historian and BUCC member Richard R. John for a five-week first-hour class on the life, legacy, and continuing relevance of the great sixteenth-century Protestant reformer Martin Luther. Our class will focus on two recent trade-press books about Luther, as well as several of of Luther’s own (readable and short) pamphlets. The books are Lyndal Roper’s Martin Luther: Renegade and Prophet (2016) and Andrew Pettegree’s’s Brand Luther (2015).


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